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Remember to Pray for our Troops, especially:

  1. Jason Almodovar
  2. Steven Baez
  3. Nathaniel Bankston
  4. Nicholas Bankston
  5. Christopher Batissa
  6. Matthew Bohan
  7. Daniel J. Brito
  8. Nathan Brown
  9. Peter Brown
  10. Spencer Z. Clark
  11. William N. Cromie
  12. Maureen Dahm
  13. Alberto D. Diaz
  14. Anthony M. Diaz
  15. Jose I. Diaz
  16. Charles Japaloucci
  17. Dennis Joseph Downs
  18. William Fisher
  19. Karen Folles
  20. Ivonne Garcia
  21. Gabrielle Harden
  22. Christopher M. Jackson
  23. Gerald Janis
  24. Laurence Janis
  25. Brent Johnson
  26. Shawn Kiernan
  27. Jonathon KimKohl
  28. John Michael McEvoy
  29. Kevin Mortensen
  30. Matthew Morris
  31. Christopher Munoz
  32. Donnie Novotny
  33. Raymond Ortiz
  34. Joshua Pardo
  35. Luke Pendegrass
  36. Ryan Ramanna
  37. Charles Rice
  38. Steven Rinkavage
  39. Zulma Lesz Rivera
  40. Matthew Rossen
  41. James Ruane
  42. Charlie Shinkle
  43. Fidel Vazquez
  44. Clayton N. Walker
  45. Robet Wandell
  46. Christopher B. Williams
  47. John V. Zischkau

All powerful and ever-living God, when Abraham left his native land and departed from his people You kept him safe through all his journeys.  Protect these soldiers.  Be their constant companion and their strength in battle, their refuge in every adversity.  Guide them, O Lord, that they may return home in safety.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.