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Church Renovation Campaign

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church,

The Together We Build FAITH, FAMILY, FUTURE Campaign will provide an important moment in the life of our community.

Through the Together We Build FAITH, FAMILY, FUTURE Campaign, we will be renovating the ceiling and lighting in the nave of the church. This renovation will enable our parish to enhance the faith life of our community, to provide better service to parishioners, and add some essential features for prayerful gatherings of the community. At the same time, the campaign itself is designed on a spiritual foundation to help us build personal relationships within our church and ministries.

Your participation is vital for planning our future. I ask for the full support of every person who is a part of the Our Lady of the Lakes Parish.

With every good wish,

Father Kenny Aquino, Pastor

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QUESTION:       Why do we need this campaign?

ANSWER:  Most of the lighting is fluorescent, which is original to the construction of the building, and is outdated and not well suited for use in a church. Additionally, these fixtures are at or nearing the end of their life expectancy. They have become brittle with age and are requiring ballast replacements which exceed the price of replacement fixtures. Additionally, the lighting above the altar has become so unreliable that we have concluded that it would be prudent to replace and rewire these fixtures rather than risk a potentially dangerous incident related to old wiring. Updating the lighting, rather than continuing to invest in maintaining the present aging system, will render a more cost effective and functional system and will also beautify the Church. As we consider updating the lighting, we feel that we would then have a timely opportunity to beautify the interior of the church by changing the look of the ceiling to coordinate with the new lighting system. In doing so a dramatic wood ceiling and lighting system has been introduced into the design, which incorporates LED down lights for task-oriented functions and decorative LED pendant lights for up-lighting. This combination allows for a wide range of lighting options through independent dimming and control systems. Function will be amplified, and the system can help to create moods suited to a variety of events like Mass, weddings, funerals, and special performances as well as changing the dynamics of the space during any function. Additionally, individual areas such as the Altar and the Choir can be emphasized.

Also, as our Music Ministry continues to grow, we want to help it flourish by modernizing and enlarging the choir area, and by finding a way to enhance the ability of the congregation to participate in the liturgy. We will then install a projection system on either side of the church. By having songs, prayers, reflections, etc. projected onto the screens, the congregation will be more readily able to participate in the liturgy. This will also eliminate the need to periodically replace missals and/or music hymnals in the pews. Lastly, we will expand the current confessional room and convert it into the Lay Ministry Room in order to provide increased space to accommodate the needs of the servers at each Mass. We will then construct a new confessional on the opposite side, along with a new lighted niche for a statue of the Blessed Mother.

With these changes, we will be able to provide a safer and more inviting space for worship and prayer within the Nave and Sanctuary, and, should the funds be raised, within the Adoration Chapel as well.

QUESTION:       Who will be asked to participate in the campaign?

ANSWER:  Every registered family in our parish will be asked to contribute and prayerfully consider what their gift will be.

QUESTION:       How will campaign funds be disbursed?

ANSWER:  Projected Costs

$800,000 ~ Nave Interior Renovation ~ Campaign Goal

New Upgraded LED Lighting System, Recessed and Decorative

Pendant Lighting with New Wood-Look Acoustic Ceiling

New A/V Projection System (Both Sides of Nave)

New Confessional with Lighted Niche for Blessed Mother Statue

Renovation of Existing Confessional into New Lay Ministry Room and Robe Storage

Renovation of the Choir Area

Paint Nave Interior

$200,000 ~ Adoration Chapel Interior Renovation ~ Stretch Goal

New Upgraded LED Lighting System, Recessed and Decorative

Pendant Lighting with New Wood-Look Acoustic Ceiling

Paint Adoration Chapel Interior

$1,000,000 ~ Total Challenge Goal

These costs are preliminary estimates and are based on 2019 pricing.

QUESTION:       Will any portion be given to the diocese?

ANSWER:  No. Unlike the Alive in Christ campaign, no portion of your pledge will be shared with the diocese.

QUESTION:       Why is my participation important?

ANSWER:  We are asking every family to give to the campaign.  Only you know your circumstances and can determine what level of giving is most appropriate for you and your family.  Please be assured however, that your gift will make a significant difference, no matter what amount.

QUESTION:       Can I just increase my offertory every week as my contribution to the campaign?

ANSWER:  The best way for us to know what funds you are designating to the campaign is for your family to fill out a pledge card or in-pew envelope and turn it in (either by the offertory basket or drop off at/mail to the Parish Office). There is a section on the pledge card and in-pew envelope to specify how you would like to be reminded of your commitment. You will receive reminders and a self-addressed envelope to your home address corresponding to you what you elected on your pledge card/envelope (ex: monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)

QUESTION:       How long is the pledge period?

ANSWER: The pledge period is for three years. The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida, Inc. will manage the pledges for our campaign. You will be able to choose the frequency of the payments on your pledge card and the method in which you wish to pay them.

QUESTION:       How can I pay my pledge?

ANSWER:  You may choose to pay by credit card, direct debit from your checking account, stocks, IRA distributions (for those 70 ½ or older), cash or check.

QUESTION:       Can I make a stock gift?

ANSWER: Yes. Stock is a convenient way of giving. Donors can pledge with gifts of appreciated securities, thereby enjoying additional tax savings. If a donor is considering a transfer of stock, he or she should indicate that on their pledge card. Th­e stock must first be transferred to ­The Catholic Foundation of

Central Florida before being liquidated (­The Catholic Foundation does not charge a fee for this service). Please contact Susan Hunt, at Th­e Foundation Office, by phone 407-246-4803 or email for further assistance and more information.

QUESTION: Can I make a donation via my IRA (Individual Retirement Account)?

ANSWER: An IRA owner, age 70 ½ or over, can directly transfer tax-free up to $100,000 per year to an eligible charity. A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) can be made directly from your IRA as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to the campaign, and that amount will be excluded from taxable income without requiring you to itemize using charitable donations as an expense. Please contact Susan Hunt, at Th­e Foundation Office, by phone 407-246-4803 or email for information your IRA administrator will need to process this gift. Contact your IRA administrator for additional details on this type of gift.

QUESTION:       Are my payments to the campaign tax-deductible?

ANSWER:  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, gifts to Our Lady of the Lakes are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. A receipt of your total payment of $250 or more (within one calendar year-as required by the IRS) will be provided to you for income tax purposes each January. Parishioners with specific questions are encouraged to contact their attorney, accountant or tax preparer.

QUESTION: Where may I receive additional information or assistance?

ANSWER:  Contact Parish Office at (386) 574-2131.

QUESTION:       What will the project cost? What is the goal of the campaign?

ANSWER:           The estimated cost of the project $1,000,000

The Goal is $800,000 for the Nave Interior projects and The Stretch Goal is $200,000 for the Adoration Chapel Interior projects.

QUESTION:       Was there any money left over from the church funds raised? If so, what happened to that money?

If referring to the Alive in Christ campaign, $150,000 was raised for the Parish, of which $30,000 was used in 2012 to buy a new A/C unit and this past Spring some fund were used to start the process of this campaign with the Feasibility study. We have $98,000 left over to utilize.

QUESTION:  Are SEED FUNDS (down payments) mandatory?

ANSWER:  Down payments are not required in order to make a pledge.  If a household can afford a SEED FUND, it is encouraged, especially since SEED FUND’s will help Our Lady of the Lakes be able to begin construction on the Nave interior.  Down payments are completely optional and should not hinder a parishioner from making a significant pledge.

QUESTION:    How does this pledge campaign work?

ANSWER:  We are asking families to make a pledge over the next 3 years either annually, quarterly, or monthly. But if a family wants to take 4-5 years to make a pledge, in order to make a larger gift that is also available. ***ONLY give this information IF THEY ASK.

QUESTION:  Why is it important to make a pledge rather than a one-time gift?

ANSWER:  We are asking for pledges, instead of one-time gifts, because pledging allows a family to make a larger contribution over a longer period of time. We cannot reach our goal with only out-of-pocket, one-time donations.  Pledging allows families to give what they truly believe to be a thoughtful, generous, and proportionate gift rather than just what can be spared at the moment.

QUESTION:  Are Pledges and one-time gifts the only kinds of commitments accepted by the campaign?

ANSWER:  While such gifts are the type most often made, other types such as gifts of appreciated stock/securities, easily liquidated property, annuities, and bequests are also options.  

QUESTION:       What are the benefits and how do I make a gift of stock as my pledge?


ANSWER:           If the stock has been held for over one year, the donor may avoid paying capital gains tax on the stock and may be allowed a tax deduction for the full value of the stock.  Donors may also choose to sell stock in order to claim a loss, which may be beneficial for tax circumstances.  In either case. The stock must first be transferred to the parish before being liquidated.  Please consult with your financial advisor for proper advice. All gifts of stock and securities will be handled by the Catholic Foundation of Central Florida.  If you would like to initiate a donation of stock or securities, please call Carolyn Ell at (407) 246-4843 or email

QUESTION:       Is my pledge legally binding? 

ANSWER:           No, a pledge is a gift, one you consider to be meaningful to you. All we ask is that you do your best and advise us of any financial changes that will impact your pledge.




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